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Our community abides by the ideal that our children are our future. In proclamation of this statement, our goal is to introduce our culture and tradition to adolescent youth
Our hope for them is that they may build and maintain a strong friendship group sharing a joy and pride in our history and cultural identity. We will encourage them to pass the Ethiopian legacy on to future generations and to be good American citizens.


There are approximately 83 dialects spoken in Ethiopia, but the official language is Amharic. While we use a variety of dialects, we teach our children Amharic because it is the most widely spoken. We also teach Tigrinya because it is the written language used in northern Ethiopia. Our doors are always open to any Ethiopian/American citizens, although children and young adults are our focus. We use Ethiopian educational books and traditional classroom materials in our lessons. To date we have classes in Math, English and Technology i.e. the use of basic computer skills and internet surfing, particularly for high school students and children.  We offer a wide range of recreational activities and visits for parents and children, such as outings to museums or the cinema. Through our program adults and children are meeting others and making friends in the community. We are happy to share with you our knowledge and our children’s program.
The goals of the program are:
• To promote academic achievements 
• To encourage youth involvement in community activities and issues 
• To help them further the idea of creating positive social change 
• To give them cultural education

 Why EAGYP?  What does it do?

 There are more than 73 ethnic groups in Ethiopia with approximately 83 spoken dialects. In America we meet people who have their origins in many different parts of the world. In the street we may hear a variety of dialects but we teach our children Amharic. Our doors are open to Ethiopian/American, Ethiopian, and citizens from any other background who are interested in our services, although children and young people are our focus. Ethiopia has its own alphabet called Ge’ez and its own calendar.

The main goal of the EAGYP is to enable our young people to find a middle ground between the American culture, in which many have been raised, and their native culture. Through learning, they can have a better understanding of their roots and of American traditions. At EACA they learn the language, history and geography of our homeland and of our new nation.
We also work on engaging our youth in various programs which we hope will provide them with an opportunity to be good and productive citizens and deter them from the temptations subjected on many young adults, such as abuse of drugs and involvement in gang violence etc.
We have come to know that children are the best advocates for other children. They can relate to people of their own age and share many interests. For this reason, our mission remains to encourage the participation of our young adults in mentoring children. In this sense, we hope to provide an interest for younger children to continue within our community, and essentially become those young adults who in turn become advocates for our mission. Through the involvement of youth, we assure the longevity of our program and acknowledgement of our work.

We are aiming to offer a wide range of recreational activities for parents and children with the intention of giving kids some fresh air and helping create special bonds and a feeling of togetherness among the EAGYP group. Future plans are for field trips to different locations in Massachusetts such as the Harbor Aquarium and Franklin Zoo and outings to movie theaters and parks where the group might have a picnic or a “soccer day.”

How Can You Help EAGYP?
If you are interested, we would be happy to talk to you about our children’s program. All Ethiopians who have, or who are in the process of gaining, American Citizenship, are most welcome in our group.
For anyone raising children, this program has a lot to offer you. We strongly believe in the full participation of parents.

If you can spare time to help out, or have ideas about what you can do for young people, come in and talk to us.
We would greatly appreciate if you are interested in providing financial support to aid this program Donations will go directly toward furthering our mission and we can share in making our goals come true. We appreciate any aid you can provide for helping pass on Ethiopian cultural pride to the next generation.