Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian American Community Association 

Successful Social Gatherings

Every Ethiopian New Year

The EACA in Greater of Boston formed 2008-2011.

Ethiopian American Grassroot Youth Program caring Ethiopians New Year. The program and community bring all Ethiopians to a social gathering.

The Ethiopian American EACA carries all different programs. The main one is Ethiopian American Grassroot Youth Program (EAGYP). The second one is African Basketball League (ABL). The third is the Dancing Group. The young people are trying to bring the community together.

·         2008 Over 100 people including children showed up.

·         2009 Over 120 people including children showed up.

·         2010 Over 250 people including children showed up.

·         2011 180 people including children showed up.

Everyone Appreciates the EACA New Year party, everyone is happy for it, and that is why more people show up every year. EACA is the main umbrella and the New year is run by EAGYP, and is doing a great job.

EACA is not only one part of Boston, it includes ALL of Greater Boston, and it’s an open door for everyone. (comment for Will to write down what Hagos wants about Unity, Power. Respecting all religions, political, and ethnical backgrounds but we don’t believe in it as a group, only individuals. We don’t believe in separation.)

African Basketball League<b> Various Sports activities were planned and carried out among the participants of the community gathering. The major activity is basketball, while the minor activity is Boston children soccer.

June 4 – July 23, African Basketball league team. The game attracted a lot of attention among the spectators as it was widely speculated that the present team would overwhelm the young adult’s/young teenager’s team. The game was fun and the same day of the basketball game the EAGYP education program held the Boston children soccer as well as parents and other Ethiopians social gathering. Young people not only came for the game but they put community to gather for a cook out and a lot of activities in area 4, City of Cambridge. Over 100 young kids and over 30 adults attended the events.

July, 23 2011 from 8:00am to 8pm. A total of 145 children attended, and we believe the Ethiopians American Community Association is doing a great job in Greater Boston. The Community served food and drink to everyone. The event was great. The general community desires for another event before the summer ends for a trip top to Six Flags for maybe over 60 young people in 8/20/2011.

EACA the purpose of organizing the social event was by EACA officials to providing opportunities for Ethiopians Americans and, other Ethiopians residents, to come together and know familiarize with one another and establish a network.

Indeed, establishing a network is a resource for Community development and mutual self-help. It’s very important for young people to appreciate the Ethiopians American and other African gathering and the basketball team.

July 30. The African Basketball league leaves with half of team to Washington D.C. Ethiopian Tigray Festivals. This team enjoyed playing with different basketball teams, preparing to leave for Washington D.C, there were over 25 people. They wanted to help organize and be part of the festival, as well as compete and have fun with other basketball teams. (July 28 – August 8)

August 6. EACA Community Field Day. We give thanks and appreciation for the Continuity Foundation to allow us to be a part of and help in their Community Field Day. The other half of our basketball team, Boston Children soccer team, and the dancing group joined in the event. There were many planned activities held there like: Volleyball, Basketball, Kids activities, Music, Soccer, and a Barbecue. It lasted from 10am-8pm, but we stayed to help out till 10pm.

Every Sunday(summer) the EAGYP.<b> Help the Boston’s Children Soccer team.

EACA Appreciates the young people that help the community everywhere.

*UPDATE: Regarding the July 30th trip to Washington D.C, the basketball event was cancelled due to the weather. Players of the African Basketball League were present at the festival and participated and engaged in other activities that were held at the festival. *