Mission Statement
• To create  support systems for the Ethiopian-American Community  without regard to  their religion, sex, ethnicity, age, political view etc., and to empower them with an ability to act as one community to protect their rights.
• To protect our youth from bad culture, criminal tendency/substance abuse and to provide advice on where to seek counseling, training and rehabilitation. Young people will not become involved with drugs and gangs. They will be encouraged to stay in school and to achieve excellence according to their aptitudes and abilities.
• The community as a whole will lead healthy lives, and promote good citizenship.
• To encourage our young people to make friends and to develop a sense of belonging within the organization.              
• Together we will show progress by constantly improving the way we do things and strive to find the best way to carry out the daily tasks of life.  
• East African immigrant families will build leadership skills and a strong community base. Our community is multi cultural. We have no division. Everyone is equal.

• To enable new community members to transition to American culture and lifestyle.
• To provide community youth with scholarship opportunities and to promote their efforts in seeking other scholarship opportunities and social services.
• To develop a computer-training program geared toward career advancement and GED which will include assessment, job readiness training, counseling, referrals and placement
• To organize and empower community members to seek political, economic, higher education, and vocational training benefits.
• To organize Financial Planning and Education workshops to cover wealth accumulation (saving), money and beliefs, goal setting, budgeting and options for saving and investing money.
• To protect community members from human rights violations and injustice, and to forge common front when such transgression occurs.
• To provide counseling and support to community members in a time of death, illness, accident, disability, unemployment, and etc.

Values: Our mission and vision are anchored in the following foundational values:
1. Love – Love is what holds a community together.  We must love others as we love ourselves.
2. Excellence – By our example we will teach our youth to do their best in everything they do.
3. Integrity – Integrity is the ethical standard that grounds excellence. We all take responsibility to be honest and truthful in our actions.
4. Respect – Adults, children and young people can learn to give and to receive respect from one another and value themselves as precious human beings. We learn to follow society’s customs and to respect the law.
5. Justice – We must be truthful, honest and fair in our everyday life.