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What is EACA?

EACA is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. EACA's Massachussetts established in November 2007 by Hagos .

EACA's Purpose:

  • Community Building Program are Social Activities that provide an opportunity for community members that get to know one another in an imformal and fun environment.
  • Community Building Programs such as Saturday morning Classes and Basketball games, teach youths their cultural backgrounds, and help them succeed in their respective schools. In crreating these programs, we are trying to keep these kids from going into the streets.
  • We want to have a place where the youth can go and feel comfortable, be around their family and friends, and not around strangers.
  • We want to creeate events that bring the community together, such as cultural performances featuring musicians and dances from their cultural background.
  • Community Building Programs include an entire community, but our focus are youth and teens because they are very important. They are today's seeds, and tomorrow's flower. We keep kids out of prisons.
  • Their language is divided and their moral is put down. Here at EACA we don't allow to bring any division to them.
  • Our Community Building provides opportunities to draw upon their cultural and ethical traditions, high respect without divisions because all traditional diffrent from each other such as our clothes, food we eat, our dance styles, and our physical feature. They are all unique in the community.

In the Massachussetts(EACA) goals are what works with many proffesionals, groups, and organization:

  • to adress health and safety within the community.
  • a collaboration with others in the future.